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Pegasus Health Xtrolyte Blue Xtrolyte Blue is a specially formulated cost effective liquid electrolyte supplement. During exce.. Product #: ELEC2 Regular price: $12.00 $12.00

Xtrolyte Blue

Brand: Pegasus Health

Price: £ 12.00

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Xtrolyte Blue is a specially formulated cost effective liquid electrolyte supplement.

During excercise and exertaion sweating results in the loss of essentail electrolytes.


Reserves of electrolytes within the large intestine can speed up recovery after prolonged exertation.

Prevents dehydration.

Ultimatley will prolong the time taken to fatigue.

Maintains normal nerve and muscle function.

Daily use of this product may speed the return to peak conditionafter racing or heavy work.

Loss of essential salts can be avoided.

Feeding xtrolyte Blue daily ensures the horse recieves sufficient levels of electrolytes after exertaion.The loss of essential salts can be avoided,thus allowing the horse to perform at maximal levels without distress or loss of performance.

Xtrolyte Blue is designed for horses given mainly compound feed and will compliment any of the other Equiform poducts.

Available in 1lt and 5 lt.

Units in box: 1Lt & 5Lt

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